Friday, November 2, 2012

Character Ed, Ella the Elegant Elephant

I think it is very important to talk about our differences and that we were not all created the same.  We were all given different looks, different talents, and different feelings.  One of the stories I like to use in my classroom for character ed is Ella the Elegant Elephant.
On her first day, at her new school, Ella wears a hat her grandmother gave her.   Although she believes her hat is very special, her hat is "different" than all the other hats worn by the other elephants.  Ella loves her hat, but the other elephants make fun of her and call her names.  Don't be sad though.....there is a very happy ending to the story.  :0)   I created this cute little freebie craft to reinforce that it is okay to be different and different can be really cool!  My students get to create their very own unique hat for their elephant.  Visit my blog, Kindergarten Faith, to download this cute Freebie and to find for more information about the story.  You will also get to see the pictures of our wonderful, unique hats! 
Kindergarten Faith

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