Sunday, October 28, 2012

Big Book Work Station

I'm a big fan of using Literacy Work Stations in my classroom.  I like how I can differentiate the tasks to meet the needs of all of my students!  My kids were getting tired of looking at the same big books over and over again, but they are doing a super job at finding the sight words we have learned so far in them (they LOVE to highlight words with highlighter tape!!).  I decided to capitalize on that enthusiasm and created a sheet for them to complete (they are also so excited to count everything in tally marks!!) while they are at our big book work station.

They will look for these words (mostly the Dolch K list, but we've taken some liberties with the order we are teaching the words) as they read and then make a tally mark next to each word as they find it.  My lower kiddos will be writing the words when they see them and my higher kiddos will be writing the sentence they find the word in (using spaces, capital/lowercase letters and punctuation). 

You can get yours here!

I hope you enjoy it and can use it! :)

Kristen Poindexter
from Kristen's Kindergarten

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