Thursday, January 3, 2013

Games for Intervention

Hi friends! 

If you have been to my blog you know that I LOVE playing games with my kids. We are really big on “Bang!” and “I have…Who has”
We play them in whole group, when we have 5 minutes before lunch, or right before we walk out of the room to go home.
Or we use them during intervention time. When we have someone who can pull kids they will grab one of my multiple games based off the groups ability and needs.
(Sorry for the apple games, don't have any new pics!)

Here are a couple of my games! My kids love it!
These are great to differentiate because you can select the level of the cards.

I have this printed out and ready for my kiddos, it is a 0-10 Bang! Game! Oh did I mention it is FREE?!
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